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Please read carefully the Submission Rules, Submission Guidelines and Terms and Conditions before you consider your entry, particularly the requirements regarding file format, file size, file name and file type, otherwise by not following the rules you may be jeopardizing your entry fee and opportunity to be exhibited.

Step 2

Prepare your entry. Make sure you have saved the images in the correct format (.jpg) in the correct size (no bigger than 1MB and not more than 1024 pixels on its longest/widest side), with the right file name format. Images must be saved in the following file name format familyname_firstname_imagenumber.jpg  i.e smith_john_o1.jpg If you have more than one portfolio/series your file name must be familyname_firstname_portfolio number_image number.jpg i.e smith_john_p1_o1.jpg.

You can enter a maximum of 8 images per entry. Each entry should be a .JPG file not more than 1024 pixels on the longest side and not more than 1MB in size. Any CV’s, statements or supporting documents must also be saved using the same naming convention and contain your surname and name in the file name smith_john_CV.doc

Step 3

Register. You will be asked your contact details: we need them to notify you if you are selected to exhibit. The information you enter (Name, Country, Website) will be used for name labels, catalogue etc.

Step 4

Once you have submitted your registration form you will receive a confirmation email from us with a link to the secure payment system. This link will redirect you to the page where you can pay and upload your images. You can pay your entry fee by Paypal or by credit or debit card. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by Paypal.

However, if you don’t have a Paypal account we would advise you to create one. Because if you are selected and any of your exhibited prints are sold, we can then also use your Paypal account to make a payment back on to your account.

Step 5

Click on the link in the email you receive following your registration. There you can pay for your submission: £45 (UK Sterling) for up to 8 images. You will need to pay before you can upload your images. If you are selected this fee will also cover printing, transport and installation costs of your work.

Step 6

Once you have paid for your entry, you will either automatically be redirected by Paypal to the page on our site where you can upload your images. Or if you are paying by Credit Card you will need to click back on the link taking you back on to the page on our site where you can upload your images and your statement and/or CV.

This link will take you to the page where you can upload your images and complete your submission.

If you make a payment by using your Paypal account, you will automatically be redirected to your upload page once you have made the payment. If alternatively, you make a payment by using your credit card, without using a Paypal account, on some occasions you may not be automatically redirected to the upload page. So you will need to click on the link to get back to the upload page. See below.

If you are paying by Credit Card, click on this link on your check out page.

If you miss this link, just email us on [email protected] the email address you used to make the payment and we will email you the the details of how to upload your images.

Step 7

We will announce the selected exhibitors on the website and will notify you only if your image or images have been shortlisted/selected for the exhibition.

Step 8

If you have been selected to exhibit we will ask you to send us a High Resolution file so that we can print and hang your images. Due to the constraints of the unusual gallery walls and spaces, your image will be printed at a size determined by the Photography Open Salon so that the overall exhibition makes a coherent hanging. If your images are selected, we will send you more detailed instructions nearer the time on how and where to upload your High Resolution files.

Step 9

We will print and hang your images. However, you can choose to send us your own prints, but they will have to be at a size specified by Photography Open Salon so that the prints fit the gallery walls. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Step 10

If you have been selected we will print your images for you and you will be given a valuable opportunity to exhibit your work in a prestigious international gallery,  your work will be offered for sale, you will be given the opportunity to have your work seen by many prominent industry professionals from around the World that come to the festival every year.

Step 11

Photography Open Salon will print, exhibit and offer your work for sale and you will receive a 50% share of any proceeds from the sale of your image, less the cost of the print and framing if the print is sold framed. You can also choose not to offer your print for sale. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Step 13

A selection of exhibited images will also be seen by new audiences in South-East Asia, at the Photography Open Salon South-East Asia. Exact dates and Venue to be confirmed nearer the time.