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One of the installations from Arles 2011 Photography Open Salon, Transience

The theme of this years Photography Open Salon 2012 is ‘An Eye for an Ear‘.

We welcome interpretations on the theme on any number of levels. As a guide there can be a number of possible interpretations and references:

– It is often said that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. So the interpretations here can be taken in its broadest sense, strong images that ‘speak’ for themselves.

– Communication, communicating, or lack of.

– What is heard but may not be seen, and vice versa, what is seen but may not be heard.

– Changes in our perceptions and how we view the world as a result of the development of new technologies.

– Can pictorial expression be universal enough and narrow the gaps and the of lack of verbal understanding between cultural landscapes.

– Exploring the relationship between looking and seeing, listening and hearing and sign and meaning.

– Exploring a semantic relationship between image and word, visualising and verbalising.

– The sensory world of perception and gestalt, looking at the whole being greater than the sum of all parts when it comes to how we perceive things (see and hear).

Genres and inspiration relating to the theme can be wide-ranging and relate to any aspect of our lives – personal, historical, environmental, cultural, global, political, social, geographical or seasonal. The theme encourages an exploration of any number of observations, concepts, emotions, experiences and beliefs.

We also welcome any other responses and interpretations you may have on this theme.

The exhibition is curated by Vanja Karas.